Public Destinations Campaign

What kinds of public places, amenities and destinations would you like to see in a vibrant downtown?

Source the Station members are shaping the future of public places and amenities in Huntington Station through our Public Destinations Campaign! Members ‘Like’ (upvote) your their favorite public place and amenity ideas, submitting their own positive, inspiring ideas as well. The top idea with at least 75 Likes by January 31, March 31, and May 31 2013 will earn a feasibility study by Renaissance Downtowns for their implementation. The Centre for Huntington Station idea has already earned a feasibility study. Learn more here.

How to participate:

1. Like/vote for public place and amenity ideas here.
2. Submit ideas here or via the big red ‘Submit an Idea’ button on the home page or Ideas page. You can also submit an idea in person at the Source the Station office (see address at bottom left of this site) or by emailing Erika at [email protected]

The rules are as follows:

  1. Public place & amenity ideas need at least 75 Likes to qualify.
  2. Public place ideas include plazas, main streets, parks and destinations.
  3. Public amenity ideas include community, entertainment and recreational facilities.
  4. The more informative the description the better.
  5. These descriptions may be updated as people provide comments that further develop the idea. Your original description will be preserved, and you can edit it at any time.
  6. Deadlines: Top Idea over 75 likes on January 31st, March 31st, May 31st will earn a feasibility study!