To register:

1. You must first register in order to ‘Like’/vote and comment on ideas.
2. Go to and select “REGISTER” in the upper right corner of this site.
3. Fill out the registration form. Your ‘Likes’/votes affect financial decisions, so we need to know if you have a stake in Huntington Station and are old enough to ‘vote’. It also helps us identify the daily solicitors. Once you’re done, click the button that says “Complete Sign-Up”.
4. Wait for an email notifying that you that you’ve been approved. You need this in order to vote, and we need to do this to screen out solicitors. This may take an hour or several hours depending on staff availability. This part needs to be done by humans, not machines :)
5. Once you get an email approval, you can go back to the site, sign in, and vote! Go to the upper right corner and click “Login”. You will see “email” and “password” fields to enter that information, fill that in then click on “Login”. You’re in!

To sign/log on to the website:

1. Go to and click on ‘LOGIN’ in the upper right corner.
2. Enter your email and password.
3. Start Liking ideas, submitting ideas and commenting!

If you lost your password:

1. Go to and select ‘LOGIN’ in the upper right corner.
2. Click on ‘Lost Password?’ link at the bottom right of the window that pops up and then follow the instructions (enter in the email address you registered with and select ‘Get New Password’).
3. The reset password email that you are sent may go into your bulk/junk mail folder. Be sure to check there!