Ten Ways To Be A Part of The Revitalization


1. INTRODUCE YOURSELF: Attend monthly meet ups or our events…they are all free and fun!

2. GIVE YOUR FEEDBACK: Upvote, submit and campaign for what kind of public destinations, retail, workspace and downtown living you’d like to see in Huntington Station.

3DISCUSS: Join Facebook groups to discuss more in depth certain ideas, concerns or ways to network and campaign. Visit the Facebook Group Page to find out the groups or start your own.

4. SPREAD THE WORD: Spread the news about Huntington Station by mentioning #sourcethestation in your Tweets, following us at @sourcestation and engaging on our Facebook page.

5. GROW THE COMMUNITY: Invite your friends, family and neighbors to register at sourcethestation.com or come to a meet up. Let them know that this is their community and they have a say in what happens! Download a Source the Station literature by clicking here to share via email or print! 

6. RECRUIT: Do you know an entrepreneur who is looking for an opportunity to open a new business, grow or explore a new location?  Tell them check out Huntington Station and let us know who they are. We work with entrepreneurs in numerous ways to help build their businesses from the bottom up and decide what works for them. Visit our business page here. 

7. USE YOUR GIFTS: There are many ways you can create a better Huntington Station. Find out how you can help organizations, businesses and community members with your gifts by contacting us or keeping up to date on our Community Calendar and Facebook.

8. INVITE US TO A MEETING: We want to get to know all of the companies, residents and organizations in Huntington Station. Let us know if we are welcomed to give a presentation. Fill out a form here.  We are bilingual and have translation equipment that can be used to translate for people who speak languages other than English.

9. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: Keep in the loop and come to Town Board Meetings to voice or show your support for the project.

10. LEARN AND SHARE: Research other communities and how they have revitalized, how they are using their resources and how they are handling issues and share your knowledge with others!