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January 2015 Meetup Recap


Last Wednesday, January 14th we had our very first meetup of the year- officially marking the beginning of our 2015 Meetup Series. This year at Source The Station will be unlike the rest, and we are looking forward to sharing and collaborating new ideas for how we will go about helping to make Huntington Station a more united, vibrant community! Our first meetup of the year certainly set the tone for what this year has in store, and we would like to thank everyone who was able to attend and share in the spirit of new beginnings with us.


Our meetup this month was held at the Huntington Public Library-Station Branch located at 1335 New York Ave, right across from the Source The Station office! It was great to be able to collaborate with one of the keystones of our community and to be able to utilize and learn more about one of the greatest resources we have here in Huntington Station. As 6 o’clock rolled through the room was filled and buzzing with lively conversation; it was great to see Source The Station members, community members, and new faces connecting and getting to know one another-after all, that’s an important aspect of why we have meetups every month!


Once everyone was settled and savoring the unique tastes of one of our favorite local pizzerias-Guisseppe’s-Ryan Porter, our VP of Planning & Development, began the meetup by talking a bit about Renaissance Downtowns and a great milestone that happened only hours before the meetup: after months of meetings and re-negotiations, the CBA finally passed with a 5-0 vote! This is great news for us and for our community, as without the efforts of our champions, residents & stakeholders we would not be making these great strides to pave the way towards revitalizing our downtown! If you’d like to read more about the CBA, check out our CBA page here.



After a round of questions for Ryan, Andrea, one of our Community Liaisons, began to introduce Source The Station and how we’re working to help make Huntington Station a more walkable, vibrant, livable community! We believe in working alongside the community to share ideas and brainstorming ways to bring about a change for all to see and enjoy-although these things do take time, we try to keep in mind that nothing good comes easily! We thank each and every one who shares this positive outlook with us and hope that 2015 will be a year where we can continue this work.

After re-capping the success of our #GivingTuesday-Huntington Station Style and updates from our last meetup held in November (which you can read here), the time was given over to Mary Kelly, the branch manager at the Huntington Public Library Station Branch, to talk a bit about all the great things the library has to offer. Some of these things included the following:

  • classes to learn English
  • conversation classes in English and Spanish
  • Programs for adults, children both preschool and school age, and teens.  These programs include computer classes, cooking classes, crafts, fitness classes.
  • Entertainment – musical performances as well as movies.
  • Homework Help
  • Meeting space that is used by community groups as well as literacy tutors.
  • Computer labs for adults as well as computers for children and teens
  • Fax, copies and scanner for public use
  • Databases that include career cruising, resume help, bookflix, health hobbies, Brainfuse (help with homework as well as tests including Ged etc), Pronunciator which is a program to practice other languages
  • Library also provides digital downloads, HOOPLA and Overdrive

To learn more about these programs and any general questions, please feel free to visit their website, or stop by and take a look around! There is always something to be learned & discovered :) On behalf of Source The Station, we would like to sincerely thank Mary Kelly & the amazing staff and library trustees that work diligently to help provide the best resources for the community. We look forward to our future collaborations!

Finally, as per a great idea by Andrea, we incorporated an exercise in which we highlighted the positivity we feel towards Huntington Station. We went around and learned What Huntington Station Is to everyone, what you would like it to be & what we can do this year to bring Huntington Station closer to where we would like it to be. It was interesting and inspiring to hear all the different perspectives and ideas everyone has, and brainstorming together to find the ways to make these inspiring ideas a reality. Here are some of the ideas you came up with:

2015 my HS exercise

We appreciate everyones enthusiasm and participation, and had a great time coming up ideas together, as well as hearing what you had to say! As we take inventory of the ideas, questions, comments and concerns during each meetup, we further our ability to mold our vision with the community, thus allowing everyone to benefit from this incredible time for Huntington Station.

Thank you to all who were able to attend, we hope to see you again for our next meetup which will take place on February 10th from 6-8PM at Sonia’s Waxing Plus (1090 New York Ave.). Come to meet your fellow community members as well as to learn more about this up & coming new business here in Huntington Station, and how they are taking initiative to help make Huntington Station the best it can be!

For updates & news stay tuned to our Facebook page and/or feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected]

Until next time Stationers!


Nov. 11th Meetup Recap @ Jonny D’s

photo 4

This week we had our monthly meetup at Jonny D’s Pizzeria, located at 946 New York Avenue in Huntington Station. We had a great turn out, packing out half of the restaurant with some new members, community members and already Source The Station members coming to support our efforts in the revitalization process here in Huntington Station.

As 6:00 pm came around everyone had a chance to grab some delicious food-pizza & salad-provided of course by Jonny D’s, and found their places in the upper level of the recently renovated location, where they were able to chat and get to know one another. One of the great things about being at a meetup is the opportunity to meet great people who share common ideas & interests, including but not limited to a love for the town they live in-Huntington Station!

photo 2


We began the evening by introducing Renaissance Downtowns & Source The Station, as there were many new faces in the crowd, which was very exciting to see. Afterwards, Andrea-our Community Liaison-gave out 6 RSVP prizes to those who RSVP’d on our website. The RSVP prizes this month were $20 gift cards to some great local businesses in the area, including Flowerdale, which just opened on NY ave, Sonia’s Waxing Salon, Relaxing Town Nails & Spa, County Line Hardware, The Shops at Suite Pieces & Food Plaza. 3 gift cards were given to new attendees, 2 were given to Veterans (and/or families of Veterans) in honor of Veteran’s Day, and 1 gift card was given to our RSVP winner-Ryan Saasto.  The reason we give out RSVP prizes is because it gives us a better idea on how to plan our events as far as food, venue, etc. We also like to know that the community is engaged on the Source The Station website, as there is always news and great ideas submitted by members that can always use Upvotes! RSVP’ing is now easier than ever, as we have a new layout on the site that you can check out here.



We are always looking for new ideas as well, and we welcome anyone who feels passionate about a certain idea but isn’t sure how to bring it to life to get in touch with one of our Liaisons for guidance. The office is open Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm except on Fridays, when we’re open until 3:00pm. For more contact/office information and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to check out our contact page here.

After the RSVP prizes were handed out we gave a few updates in regards to some new safety & security measures that will be implemented going forward in light of recent events in the Huntington Station area. A few of the safety & security updates are as follow:

  • The 2nd Precinct has assigned Officer Mike O’Neill to be in charge of Business to Business Crime Prevention, focusing mainly on the Huntington Station area
  • In an effort to build stronger communities, NIXLE is now available for you to sign up to receive texts/email notifications to receive important alerts & information from local agencies. You can sign up here.
  • The Suffolk County Police Department is taking a literal step forward by going door to door in our neighborhoods giving out surveys in order to understand what they can do to better protect the community.
  • Neighborhood watches are beginning to sprout up everywhere! It’s important to know your neighbors!

Source the Station is proud to be able to help serve the community in anyway we can. We will continue to meet with representatives of the SCPD as well as officers who parol the Huntington Station area to ensure that all is being done to prevent crime here in our community.

photo 4

After that we had the opportunity to do our break out groups, but not before hearing from local artist, Lucienne Pereira, about the possibility of some upcoming art/mural projects here in Huntington Station. For those who don’t know, Lucienne is an local artist from Brazil who has been adding splashes of life and color to the walls and murals of Huntington Station, such as her latest project at the Huntington Deli on New York Avenue. For more of Lucienne’s work you can visit our blog post here & check out her website as well!



Our Breakout Groups consisted of members breaking out into groups they felt they would like to learn more about or give their input. One group was specifically for new attendees, where they could learn and ask questions about Renaissance or Source the Station. Another group, along with Lucienne, spoke in regards to Community Murals: Arts & Revitalization, and another group spoke about Safety, security, and how to get involved & be active in the solutions. We are currently putting together all the information gathered during the breakout groups and kindly appreciate everyone’s patience in allowing us to help make our meetups more productive!

Finally, we would like to thank Jonny D’s for having been gracious hosts & for the great food, and especially to all the members that were able to attend-our efforts would be nothing without you! Thank you. We look forward to seeing you at our next meetup TBA!

Launchpad x Source The Station Meetup Recap

source the station launchpad

October 2, 2014 marked the date of one of our best meetups yet. The meetup was held at Launchpad Huntington, located at 345 Main Street in the heart of the Huntington Village. For those of you who don’t know, Launchpad is a source the station launchpadtechnology startup as well as a business incubator, promoting the growth of entrepreneurs through a co-working space which provides the tools necessary for rapid growth, as well as many other helpful resources.

The meeting, as always, included information and updates about and from Renaissance Downtowns and their joined efforts with Source The Station to bring about the revitalization of Downtown Huntington Station. Soon thereafter the group was presented to by Sue R, who spoke about the High Tech innovation Hub idea that was proposed on the Source The Station website a couple of months ago. The idea behind the High Tech Innovation Hub is to promote technology in the community as well as a center for the youth to learn and engage in activities based on the growing field of technology and science. All are welcome to take a look at the idea page for the High Tech Innovation Hub here, and pleasesource the station launchpad make sure to Like the idea and check out other ideas you may be interested in as well! If you have your own idea you are also more than welcome to submit it once registered to the site. After the presentation by Sue, we heard from Tyler Roye who spoke on behalf of Launchpad to inform the attendees of all the great work being done by them in the Huntington area, and their plans to continue expanding and extending their resources and talents to the communities in which they serve. We would like to thank both of our presenters for your enthusiasm and willingness to serve and be an integral part of our community!

Finally, all were encouraged to join different breakout groups in which several different topics were discussed. A total of 4 groups were formed-one group discussing CBA Agreements, STEM Schools & Huntington Civic Groups, ideas regarding transportation challenges, and Launch Pad as an Entrepreneurial Resource & Affordable Housing availability.source the station launchpad

Many thanks to all who were able to attend, as well as Quetzalcoatl for graciously providing the delicious food we enjoyed at the meetup! We hope to see you at our next meetup which will be on Tuesday, November 11th 2014 @ Johnny D’s Pizza from 6:00pm-8:00pm! Stay tuned for more details on our Facebook page and don’t forget to RSVP to qualify for special prizes!

Hope to see you all there!

August 20th Meetup Recap


On Wednesday August 20th, 2014 we gathered at Biz Inc. for a BBQ Style meetup where we discussed an array of topics concerning the revitalization efforts being put forth by both Renaissance Downtowns and The Town of Huntington, as well as some upcoming events going on in Huntington Station for the fall.

We would like to first and foremost thank everyone who was able to attend, as well as Fireside Deli for providing the delicious food! We would also like to congratulate our Top Contributors Eleanor Cawley, Carolyn Barahona and Elissa Oransky for their outstanding efforts in the Huntington Station community as well as Source the Station, and to Ira Zucker for being our RSVP prize winner! Thank you for all that you do! A special thanks to Johnny D’s for providing the gift certificate prizes as well :).

The night started off with a munch & mingle, where our community and Source the Station members both new and old gathered al fresco to enjoy great food and conversation, taking some time to get to know one another. You could truly feel the sense of community and the ideas flowing as the evening went on, and what a site it was!




As we settled into the evening, Ryan Porter, Renaissance Downtowns’ VP of Planning and Development, spoke a little about who Renaissance Downtowns is, some past and ongoing projects here on Long Island, as well as projects outside of New York-in Bristol, CT & Nashua, NH. Through a unique approach focused on the triple-bottom line of being environmentally, socially and economically responsible in all of their endeavors, Renaissance Downtowns seeks to bring new life to Huntington Station’s downtown with the efforts and visions of the community as a whole. We are confident that as we work together we can truly bring about a beautiful change here in our community, and appreciate the time you take out of your day each month to voice your thoughts and concerns-for it is through small and simple acts that great things are brought to pass, and every thought counts!




Some of the highlights/updates from our Meetup are as follow:

-SEQRA process well underway, hoping to be finalized towards the end of the year.

-Concept Plan: Renaissance Downtowns is anticipating that Columbia Terrace will break ground by the end of  this year and that additional projects could potentially begin construction in mid to late 2015. For more information about our immediate opportunity sites and their concept plans, see


Additionally, for those who were not able to attend or wish to know a little more about Renaissance, please feel free to visit their website at and/or visit their Facebook page here.



What’s going on this Fall in Huntington Station?


Huntington Awareness Day Parade & Fair!

unity day 11x17 flyer 2014

Don’t miss the “Unity in the Community” Parade & Fair for Huntington Awareness Day Next week on Saturday, September 6, 2014 from 11am to 5pm!

There will be food, fun & games and attractions for families and people of all ages to enjoy! Come meet your fellow community members as we celebrate our beautiful Town of Huntington and come together to make it a more vibrant and exciting place to live!

For more information, or if you are interested in participating, please visit

or their Facebook page here.






On Saturday, September 20th, 2014 SPARKBOOM will be holding their 2nd annual OFF THE WALLS event at Mt. Calvary Holy Church of Huntington (@1520 New York Ave. Huntington Station, NY) from 1-6pm. The evening will include

- 30+ Art Vendors
- Food
- BMX Stunt Show by FreeCycle Action Sports Team, LLC.
– Interactive mural painting at Huntington Deli & Grocery with artist Lucienne Pereira
– Live Latin dancing
– Live performances 

& much more!

For more information or to get in touch with SPARKBOOM please visit their website at or their Facebook page here.


Hope to see you all there!!

July 16th Meetup Recap

source the station huntington station renaissance downtowns

source the station huntington station renaissance downtowns

Our monthly meetup this month was on Wednesday, July 16th hosted in the beautifully decorated dining hall of La Hacienda Restaurant, located at 1624 New York Ave, where we gathered to discuss the many happenings in Huntington Station, Renaissance Downtowns & Source The Station.  It was a very informative (and delicious!) evening full of discussions and great minds coming together to brainstorm ideas for a more vibrant downtown of Huntington Station. We were joined by both our long standing members as well as a few new faces who were ever eager to learn about all of the great things taking place in their very own town! We recognized our top contributors: Kim Hawkins, Elissa Oransky, Eleanor Cawley for their continuous efforts and commitment to Source the Station and all that we believe in. You are all truly an inspiration! Thank you!

A few of the things we discussed were our CBA (Community Benefits Agreement) and the possibility of it being finalized around August/September. Our Community Benefits Agreement delineates the collaboration between the municipality, community stakeholders and RD to define the benefits to be received by the community with the main goals centering on local job creation and training, local contracting opportunities and assistance, the creating of permanent jobs & careers as well as other efforts in regards to funding programs and/or services that will benefit the community at large. If you have any questions in regards to the CBA please feel free to visit our CBA page here.

As the evening continued the conversation got livelier, the aroma of pupusas, fried calamari and other La Hacienda delicacies filled the air, and gears began to grind with the endless possibilities of visions for the future of Huntington Station. We spoke in regards to helping local businesses strive, and one resource we have that truly focuses on the improvement of Businesses is the Huntington Station Business Improvement District (BID), which was designed essentially to help improve and promote local businesses in our town. If you’re interested in finding out more, the BID has meetings the 3rd wednesday of every month at 8:30am at Biz Inc. (not during July or August) & will be hosting BBQ’s at Station Sports (almost) every Friday this summer. You are more than welcome to check out their website/social sites for weekly updates as well!

Announcements were also made for Upcoming STS Events: 

1) The Unity/Huntington Awareness Day 9/6 from 11am-5pm >

2) HSLQ Hispanic Heritage Festival 9/14 at Manor Field >

You can also visit for ALL upcoming events + details!

If you were interested in becoming more involved/volunteering opportunities in our community, there are volunteers needed at Tri-CYA to tutor middle & high school students in math, as well as other subjects. Donations would also be grandly appreciated for Tri-CYA after-school program snacks. Please contact Debbie Rimler @ [email protected] or 631-673-0614 for more information.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who was able to make it to the meetup this month and look forward to seeing you (and anyone you’d like to invite) again at our next meetup (more details coming soon)! Stay tuned to & for updates.

Hope to see you all soon!


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