Picture this: jukebox buzzing in the background, excited chatter of ideas warming the room, the smell of papusas, and the feeling of a brand new experience taking hold.

January 24, 2013 was the first Source the Station Meetup of the New Year and brought with it a certain fresh perspective on the revitalization of downtown Huntington Station.  The Meetup, attended by about two dozen residents, was held at La Hacienda a delicious and up-and-coming restaurant  on New York Avenue. Jose, La Hacienda’s owner, is proud to feature his fresh cuisine that include varied forms of Central American dishes and fresh seafood, tender steaks, and colorful presentations.

Source the Station members discussed ideas on “The Centre at Huntington Station: The Experience,” which included questions like: What uses, events, and experience would you like to see included in The Centre?

Another group discussed Trivia Night, which was voted as the crowd favorite for a Huntington Station Source Mob. Source the Station members will work with a local business to host this event to bring new crowds and exciting events to consumers. Look out for this event in April!

The third group discussed and brainstormed ideas for Source the Station and Renaissance Downtowns‘ first ever Huntington Station Community Fest which will be in March. The event will be a chance for the community to get together and celebrate the progress and the future of the Huntington  Station downtown revitalization.

Ryan Porter, VP of Renaissance Downtowns, discussed progress so far and went over two feasibility studies that were performed because of the crowd’s participation in “liking” those ideas which in turn passed the thresholds for the given dates. The ones discussed were the Book Store, Cafe and Performing Arts Space as well as the Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Stand, which already has an interested entrepreneur.

At Meetups, Source the Station members create the ideas, the market and the support to work with downtown business owners in hopes that together we can strengthen our business district and continue to grow our self-sustaining economy of Huntington Station. 

Renaissance and Source the Station  continues to support small business, as last week they sponsored a Small Business Real Estate Seminar which was attended by several entrepreneurs and many current Huntington Station business owners. Renaissance Downtowns is committed to working with current and future business owners to improve their businesses through creating business plans, co-developing strategies to better utilize property, facade improvement, financing sources, outlining steps to negotiate better leases and obtaining building ownership, and other needs through their partnerships with other organizations. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur looking for resources please contact us. See notes from the event here.

The next meetup for Source the Station will be on February 21st at 6:30pm. Location is yet to be determined, but stay tuned to and for more information!