As you wrap up 2012 with holiday leftovers, hot chocolate and tales of family vacations gone wrong, let us wish you another year full of favor, fun and family in 2013! We look back on our first few months of work at Source the Station, we can’t help but think of all of the people who have brought the revitalization of Huntington Station to life!

December brought us up to 507 members, four more feasibility studies, a meetup and big plans for 2013. Our leaders this month include Kathy Kuthy, Kim Hawkins and Elissa Oransky. These individuals helped spur growth, participation and inspiration in the Source the Station community! Great job members!

We hosted our December Meetup at the Microsoft Store on December 13th in their community room. Members brought donations for the Huntington Station Latin Quarters Toy Drive. The meetup included the unveiling of the first of the retail feasibility studies that came back on the Railroad Station Retail Cluster. Renaissance VP Sean McLean discussed the findings of the Railroad Station Retail Cluster which can be found here.

The Downtown Living and Public Destinations campaigns ended on December 15th. The Centre at Huntington Station earned a feasibility study as well as the Downtown Living ideas of Apartments Above Storefronts and Attainably Priced Housing For Young People. These feasibility studies will be ready by mid-late January. Several announcements will be made in early January, regarding events that are being planned for the New Year!