To celebrate the hard work and dedication of the children and staff in academics and development at the Huntington Station Children’s Enrichment Center, Renaissance Downtowns donated a brand new 68-inch television to the as a gift for the holiday season. The children spend a lot of their time working on homework and developing their verbal, written and mathematical skills at the Enrichment Center as well as there social and motor skills. The television and DVD player will now allow them to have educational and entertaining movies that the children can enjoy together as a reward for their hard work.

Renaissance Downtowns, Source the Station and the Town Supervisor, Frank Petrone, joined the children, and their parents, in crafts, food, singing and an opportunity to celebrate the joy of the holidays. The presentation of the television to Dee Thompson and the children was only a small token of the appreciation that Renaissance has for the advancement of Huntington Station through the Enrichment Center. Source the Station and Renaissance is proud of the development and effort put in to bettering our future through the work at the Enrichment Center and will continue to encourage the education and well-being of Huntington Station children.